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Postpartum Healing Services
Herbal Bath & Bone Closing  $300

   Honoring the completion of pregnancy, integration of birth, and transformation into motherhood.  

First a hot floral bath and a head to toe herbal cleansing is given. We end with light bodywork and a bone closing (wrapping from head to toe) to supports postpartum alignment -bones and fascia, spirit and body, central nervous system.  

A closing can be given anytime after having a child, miscarriage or abortion, even years later.

Belly Binding & Consultation  $225

Supporting the new postpartum body and lifestyle 
for a nourished mama and family.

Abdominal massage & belly binding to support the digestive system, kidneys, uterus, bladder, ligaments, and lower back in healing after birth. Highly recommended after birth (both vaginal and cesarean), miscarriage, or abortion.

*includes an extra binding 

Pelvic Floor Health & 
Yoni Steam   $225

Pelvic floor & core exercise instruction, 
and an herbal yoni/vaginal steam to promote blood circulation and oxygenation.  It assists with proper pH balance, tissue integrity, and releasing of scar tissue.   Also excellent for dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, ovarian cysts, cervical fibroids.

* follow-up consultation 
* includes herbs for an extra herbal steam

Womb Wellness & Healing Packages

Mama Bodywork Care: 5 home-visits $1200

Mama, Baby, & Postpartum Doula Care: 
6 home-visits $1500

- sitz bath herbs 
- cupping  
- infant massage  
- yoni steam/pelvic floor instruction 
- bodywork & cranial sacral care
- herbal baths
- bone closing ceremony 
-castor oil packs 

"85% of the neural pathways relating to how we respond and interpret the world are formed in the earliest years of our development. Sensitive caregiving, particularly in the first three years, correlates with professional and social success/happiness in later life."    - Amy Wright Glenn​
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Postpartum Doula 
$35- 45/hr (at 3hrs) 

Specialty in breastfeeding & family care. Supporting nutrition, sleeping, and bonding in the postpartum lifestyle.  

* unlimited phone/texting consults