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Postpartum Services
Sacred Bath & Bone Closing  $175

   Honoring the completion of pregnancy, integration of birth, and transformation into motherhood.  

Herbal bath (or yoni steam) is given to promote circulation and assist in yoni, cesarean, and womb healing.  During the bath, a head to toe herbal limpia (cleansing) is given.

The ceremony ends with a bone closing (bodywork wrapping from head to toe) that supports body alignment (the bones and fascia, as well as  the central nervous system.  A closing can be given anytime after having a child, even years later.

Belly Binding & Consultation  $120

Postpartum healing consultation regarding nutrition and first 6-weeks and beyond.  
Nourishing the physical body (the digestive system, kidneys, and lower back) with Belly Binding, which is also excellent for supporting the uterus, other organs, and ligaments, specifically after pregnancy, birth (vaginal or cesarean) and abortion or miscarriage.

*includes an extra binding 

Pelvic Floor Health & 
Yoni Steam   $120

1-on-1 pelvic floor & core exercise instruction.  Followed by a  yoni steam, given to promote blood circulation and oxygenation, assist with proper pH balance, repair damaged tissues, and help break down scar tissue or/and a yoni steam, which is also excellent for dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, ovarian cysts, cervical fibroids and as general health aid in prevention any of those ailments. 

* includes herbs for 1 extra steam on your own 

Womb Wellness $385

* 3 home visits  
* 2 phone/email support:

womb wellness holistic healing consultation:
pelvic floor health instruction, yoni steam, nutritional counseling, castor oil packs, herbal remedies,
sacred bath & bone closing to support your relationship with your healthy womb

"85% of the neural pathways relating to how we respond and interpret the world are formed in the earliest years of our development. Sensitive caregiving, particularly in the first three years, correlates with professional and social success/happiness in later life."    - Amy Wright Glenn​
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